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The following overview includes articles written about Bodine in magazines and newspapers, including fanzines. This list does not include publications by the management or flyers written by the band members.

If you are into supporting RegularRocker's mission to make this library as complete as possible, please look up what you have in this list before you scan it and upload it in the Forum! For easy identification only the original (and not the translated) versions are linked here.

Linked articles are republished in the archives.
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title type of article periodical country edition no. page no. Author
"Herman Brood"
concert annoncement
Haagsche Courant

1981-01-19 "T draait om Bodine" campaign announcement Hitkrant NL

1981-02-07 "Hardrock op Label Bert van Rheenen" new label Muziekinfo NL

1981-02-21 "Rabarber" advertorial Muziekinfo NL

1981-02-25 "Harry tipt ze" advertorial Oor NL

1981-02-26 "D'r is er weer eentje" advertorial Hitkrant NL

1981-02-28 "Plaat van de week" advertorial Muziekinfo NL

1981-02-28 "Beton" record release Muziekinfo NL

1981-03 Bodine LP review Muziek Expres NL 3 26, 27 Jaap Bubenik
1981-03 Bodine LP review Stic NL 12 23 M.B.H.
1894-03-01 Bodine concert announcement De Gelderlander NL

1981-03-04 "Bodine" advertisement Oor NL

1981-03-04 "Bodine brengt hardrock van wereldformaat" special Weekkrant Oss NL

1981-03-05 Bodine LP review Hitkrant NL 10 20
1981-03-10 "Beton van Bodine géén Haagse bluf" special Streekkrant Bladel NL

1981-03-11 Bodine LP review Oor NL 5 33 Kees Baars
1981-03-12 "Bodine: Vaderlandse Rockkwaliteit" special Vizier NL

1981-03-22 Bodine LP review Joepie B

1981-03-25 "Bodine en de toren van Marshall" interview Oor NL 6 31 Kees Baars
1981-03-26 "Ook in Holland kan het hard" special Hitkrant NL 13 7
1981-03-28 Bodine LP review Nieuwsblad van het Zuiden NL

1981-04 "Bodine" concert review Aardschok NL 4 3

1981-04 Bodine LP review Prisma NL

1981-04-11 "Bodine: hardrock zonder frustraties" Interview Varia NL
9 Pieter Groenewold
1981-04-14 Bodine LP review Gelders Streekblad NL
1981-05-01 "Rock concert in Utopia" concert announcement

1981-05-01 "" concert announcement

1981-07 "Neerlands hoop in harde dagen" interview Muziek Express NL 7 43 Eric Timmerman
1981-07-13 "Dexy houdt stand temidden van hardrock geweld" concert review Dagblad van het Noorden NL
9 Max Palfenier
1981-10-09 "Bodine" concert announcement Leids Vrijetijdscentrum NL

1981-10-17 "Populaire Betonmuziek" poll results VARA Gids NL

1981-10-24 "..."
poster VARA Gids NL 43

1981-10-29 "Problemen bij Bodine" news flash Hitkrant NL 44 3
1981-11 Fan Magazine

Bodine Magazine NL 001 1-11 Han Hijzelendoorn, Marcel Rijsdijk
1981-11-21 "..." article about Dutch HM Sounds UK

1982-01 "..." news flash Joepie B

1982-03 Fan Magazine 002

Bodine Magazine NL 002 1-12 Han Hijzelendoorn, Marcel Rijsdijk
1982-03-10 "Bodine Busy" news flash Oor NL

Kees Baars
1982-04 "Bodine nòg harder" news flash Hitkrant NL 13 2
1982-05 "Brugge" concert review Brugge/Ad Aardschok NL 12 1, 15, 32
1982-06 Bold As Brass LP review/Ad Aardschok NL 13 28
1982-06-10 Bold As Brass LP review Hitkrant NL 23 20
1982 "Moerser Hardrock Festival"
concert announcement
Musiker Music News DE
1982-08 Bold As Brass LP review Muziek Express NL 3 15
1982-08-11 Bold As Brass LP review Oor NL 16 35 Harry van Nieuwenhoven
1982-08-25 "Bijna-helden" concert review Oor NL 17 58 Hans van den Heuvel
1982-09-12 "Hardrock moet positieve energie blijven" interview Joepie B 443 20-21
1982-11 "Fan Magazine 004"

Bodine Magazine NL 004 1-10 Han Hijzelendoorn, Marcel Rijsdijk
1982-12 "On Stage" concert review Headbanger NL 3 7-8 Bart
1982-12 "Bold As Brass" album review Rock Brigade
BR 12 Eduardo de Souza Bonadia
1983-03 "Fan Magazine 005"

Bodine Magazine NL 005 1-9 Han Hijzelendoorn, Marcel Rijsdijk
1983-03-17 "Bodine Savage"

Aardschok Germany
DE 6-7 Klaus Uschmann
1983-04-27 "Zaterdag in Borne: Rock Explosion '83"
concert announcement Twente Centraal
NL 17

1983-05 "Rock Explosion"
festival review De Nieuwe Aardschok NL 5 11
1983-07 "Fan Magazine 006"

Bodine Magazine NL 006 1-11 Han Hijzelendoorn, Marcel Rijsdijk
1983-08 "Fan Magazine extra edition"

Bodine Magazine NL extra ed.
1-5 Han Hijzelendoorn, Marcel Rijsdijk
1983-09 "Three Times Running" lyrics, concert announcements Heavy Metal Demons NL 5

1983-10 Three Times Running LP review De Nieuwe Aardschok NL 7 28
1983-10 Three Times Running LP review Headbanger USA

1983-10 Three Times Running LP review Hot Rockin' DK

1983-10-22 Three Times Running LP review Oor NL 21 31 Koert Hoyng
1983-11-05 Three Times Running LP review Hitkrant NL 44 47 unknown
1983-12 "Fan Magazine 007"

Bodine Magazine NL 007 1-11 Han Hijzelendoorn, Marcel Rijsdijk
1983-12-03 "Strooigoed" single review Oor NL 24 37 Swie Tio
1983-12-10 "Bodine Hardrock met hart en ziel" Interview AD NL
33 Arno Gelder
1984-01-14 "Black Jack – 14 troefkaarten van de Nederlandse hardrock" special Oor NL 1 16 Hans van den Heuvel, Koert Hoyng
1984-04 "Earthquake 84" concert review De Nieuwe Aardschok NL 13 15, 32
1984-04 "Earthquake 84" concert review Rock Power DE 22 Hucky
1984-04-19 "Three Times Running" LP review Kerrang! UK

Paul Suter
1984-05 "Fan Magazine 008"

Bodine Magazine NL 008 1-13 Han Hijzelendoorn, Marcel Rijsdijk
1984-05 Festival Earthquake concert review Enfer FR 12 57 Philippe Bascou
1984-05 "Earthquake" concert review Metal Attack FR 9 49
1984-05-05 "Earthquake" concert review Oor NL 9 52 Koert Hoyng
1984-06-02  "Binnenlandse zaken" news flash
Oor NL
1984-07 "Op drums: Gerard “Bodine” Haitsma" interview Music Maker NL 9 30-32 Fred Hoogendoorn
1992-11 "Back with a good load of báááááád rock!" interview Aardschok/Metal Hammer NL 11 38
1993-02 "Noorderligt, Tilburg" concert review Aardschok/Metal Hammer NL 2 6, 92
1995-06-14 "Bodine" lemma Hardrock&HM Encyclopedie NL

1996-04 "Bodine/Three Times Running"
CD review Aardschok NL 4 63
1996-04 "Ex-files" flashback Fret NL 3 7 Walter Korver and Gert Verbeek
2001-10 "Er was eens" flashback Fret NL 7 6
2002-05-06 "Johnny Walker, my best Friend!!" flashback interview with Arjen Lucassen Headache NL 2 20-22 Martjo Brongers

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