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Articles related to Bodine

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1979_Bodine_Flyer_tn1979 Bodine Flyer, (EN) 1979-08_Bodine_Flyer_tn1980 Bodine Flyer (EN) 1980-05-24 Haagsche Courant Bodine concert NL1980 May 24, Haagsche Courant
early Bodine gig (EN)
1981-01-19_Hitkrant_Bodine_DuPrie_tn1981 January 19, Hitkrant, It's all Bodine  (EN)1981-01-28_Oor_no.2_Bodine_LP_announcement_tn1981 January 28, Muziekkrant Oor: Bodine album announcement (EN)

1981-02-28_Muziekinfo_WEA_campaign_tn1981 February 28, WEA/Rhinoceros campaign (EN)

Bodine ads
1981-02-21_Muziekinfo_Bodine-Bodine_advertorial-tn1981-02-21, Muziekinfo advertisement Rhubarb! (EN) 1981-02-25_OOR_Bodine_Ad_tn1981 February 25, Oor advertisment (EN) 1981-02-26_Hitkrant_ad_tn1981 February 26, Hitkrant, advertisement (EN) 1981-02-28_Muziekinfo_Bodine-Bodine_advertorial-tn1981 February 28, Muziekinfo advertisement (EN)1981-03-04_OOR_Bodine_advertisement-tn1981 March 04, Muziekkrant OOR advertisement (EN)

Bodine album reviews
1981-03-05_Volkskrant_Bodine-Bodine_Review_tn1981 March 05, Volkskrant album review (EN) 1981-03_Muziek_Expres_Bodine-Bodine_review_tn1981 March, Muziek Express album review,
p.26-27 (EN)
1981-03_Stic_Bodine_review_tn1981 March, Stic album album review, p.23 (EN) 1981-03-05_Hitkrant_Bodine-Bodine_Review_tn1981 March 05, Hitkrant album review, p.20 (EN) 1981-03-11_OOR_Bodine-Bodine_review_tn1981 March 11, OOR album review, p.33 (EN)

1981-03-22_Joepie_Bodine-Bodine_review-tn1981 March 22, Joepie album review (EN) 1981-03-28_Nieuwsblad_van_het_zuiden_Bodine_album_review_tn1981 March 28, Niewsblad van het Zuiden album review (EN)1981-04_Prisma_Bodine-Bodine_review_tn1981 April, Prisma Bodine album review (EN)1981-04-14_Gelders_Streekblad_Bodine-album_review_tn1981 April 14, Gelders Streekblad album review (EN)

Concerts (reviews & announcements)
1981-03-01_Gelderlander_Bodine_concert_announcement_tn1981 March, Gelderlander, concert announcement (EN)1981-03-04_Weekkrant_Oss_Bodine_article_tn1981 March 03, Weekrant Oss, album review and concert announcements (EN)1981-03-10_Streekkrant_Bladel_Bodine_concert_review_tn1981 March 10, Streekkrant Bladel, Bodine concert review  (EN)1981-04_Aardschok_no.4_Bodine_live_review_tn1981 April, Aardschok live review p.3-4 (EN)1981-05-01_Bodine_Utopia_Elsloo-1_tn1981 April 29, [?], Bodine Concert Utopia (EN)
1981-05-01_Bodine_Utopia_Elsloo-2_tn1981 April 29, [?] Bodine Concert Utopia (EN)1981-07-13_Dagblad_van_het_Noorden_Pluupop-tn1981 July 13, Dagblad v/h Noorden Pluupop concert review, p.3 (EN)1981-08-29_Bodine_Biervliet_Contract-tn1981 August 29, Biervliet concert contract (EN)1981-10-09_Leids_vrijetijdscentrum_Bodine_live_announcement_tn1981 October 09, concert announcement Leids Vrijetijdscentrum (EN)

Interviews & specials
1981-03-12_Vizier_Bodine_article_tn1981 March 12, 't Vizier Bodine special (EN)1981-03-25_OOR_Bodine_tn1981 March 25, Muziekkrant OOR Bodine interview, p.31-32 (EN) 1981-03-26_Hitkrant_hardrock_special_tn1981 March 26, Hitkrant Dutch hard rock special (EN)1981-04-11_Varia_Bodine_band_interview_tn1981 April 11, Varia interview (EN)1981-07_Muziek_Expres_Bodine_tn1981 July: Muziek Expres interview (EN)

1981-10-17_VARA_gids_Bodine_tn1981 October 17, VARA magazine poll results (EN)1981-10-29 Hitkrant Bodine article tn1981 October 29, Hitkrant Bodine news flash (EN)1981-11-21 Sounds Dutch Metal tn1981 November 21, Sounds! magazine Dutch metal (EN)1982-01 Joepie Bodine line-up Change1982 January, Joepie magazine news flash (EN)

Articles and publications Mk-II and later...