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Articles related to Bodine (Mk-II and later)

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1982-03-10 OOR Bodine studio report1982 March 10,
OOR studio report (NL)
1982-04-01 Hitkrant news flash1982 April 01, Hitkrant news flash (NL) 1982-05 Aardschok no.12 Bodine live review1982 May, Aardschok concert review (NL) 1982-06 Aardschok no.13 Bodine Bold As Brass review (NL)1982 June, Aardschok no.13; Bold As Brass review (NL) 1982-08-11 OOR Bodine-Bold As Brass review1982 August 11, OOR Bodine - Bold As Brass review (NL)

1982-08-25 OOR Bodine Helden live review tn1982 August 25, OOR live review; (NL)
1982-09-12 Joepie Bodine Betonmolen tn1982 September 12, Joepie no.443; interview with Axel Langemeijer (NL)

1983-04-30_Borne_Rock_Explosion_poster1983 April 30,
Rock Explosion Poster
1983-05_Aardschok_Rock_Explosion_Festival_Bodine-tn1983 May Aardschok Review Rock Explosion (NL) 1984-04_Aardschok_Earthquake_Festival_Bodine-tn1984 April Aardschok Review Earthquake (NL) 1984-06-02_OOR_Bodine_split_tn1984-06-02 Bodine split (NL)

1992 De_Hardrock_Heavy_Metal_Encyclopedie_bodine_NL-tn1992 Hardrock & Heavy Metal Enyclopedie (NL)

1993-02_Aardschok1993-02 Bodine Live review / final split, p.1, 6, 92 (NL) 1996 Bodine CD inlay by Jay van Feggelen1996 Bodine CD inlay by Jay van Feggelen (EN) 1996 Bodine IIITR Inlay1996 Bodine Three Times Running CD inlay by Arjen Lucassen (EN) Headache2002-05-06, Headache Interview Arjen Lucassen, p.20-22 (NL)