On this page you'll find sound streams recorded from Dutch national radio stations. The dates are approximates. All streams are edited to the essential parts.

In the weeks following the release of Bodine's debut album and Bold As Brass, the band received quite some airplay. The following five soundbits were broadcast in this period.


1981 February: Pre-release announcement of "New York City Streets" by Alfred Lagarde in Vara's Betonuur

1981 February: Hanneke Kappen from KRO's Stampij, complimenting Jay van Feggelen on his performance on "On The Lookout" ("...that geezer can sing!")

1981 February: Hanneke Kappen from KRO's Stampij about the blues feel of Jay van Feggelen

1981 March 03: The first radio interview with Bodine

1981 October: Robert ten Brink introduces Jay van Feggelen in De Noen Show. Armand van der Hoff is present as well. Jay impersonates Johnny Jordaan and formulates questions about rock music for the contestants.

In April 1982, Bold As Brass was released, which resulted in some more airplay for Bodine. The following stream is a part of KRO's  Stampij, where Alfred Lagarde was guest host. How can someone be a guest and a host at the same time? Alfred Lagarde did it!

The interview includes all band members Rheno, Axel, Gerard, Armand and Arjen Lucassen.

In January 1984, Bodine played live at Countdown Café. This show was hosted by Annette van Trigt, Metal Mike van Rijswijk, Alfred Lagarde and Kees Baars. Preceding the concert, Alfred Lagarde had an interview with Gerard Haitsma. 

All sound bites kindly made available by Han Hijzelendoorn and edited by Paul Evers from Time Is Running Productions.