This page contains a collection of fan mail written to the Bodine fan clup.  The letters were found in a plastic bag containing the remainders of the fan clup's collections. It was kindly made available to Regular Rocker by Gerard Haitsma. There are 22 letters in total, from nine different countries.

The letters are amazing, endearing and somewhat puzzling as well. Reading the letters the impression rises that they were all very shy to write a letter. Some had to use a different language than their own, but even the ones written in Dutch are... cute!

A summary of the letters follows here.

Eduardo from Brazil is asking for information about Bodine.

Crazy Carol from Belgium is editor of the Heavy Metal Revue and is asking for a bio of the band (did it ever get published?).

Dave Bourgoin from the UK publishes a metal magazine and wants to write an article about Bodine (when was the article published?).

Ronny Hendriks from Hengelo wants to know what it costs to become a member of the fan club.

Albert van de Hatert from Ochten wants to know what it costs to subscribe as a member and how many issues of the fan magazine he will receive in a year.

Jeroen de Bie is 11 years old (!) and crazy about Bodine. Wants to become a member of the fan club. Makes you wonder if his parents knew about his application. Jeroen wishes the band a nice vacation.

Mark de Bie is Jeroen de Bie's elder brother and writing to the fan club on the same day. He is 12 years old and hoping the fan club will accept him as a member too.

Jim Farmer is a welder from Michigan USA and by profession truly involved in heavy metal. He almost insists on Bodine coming to tour the United States.

Frank Stöver from Germany runs a magazine called "Chainsaw Rock" and wants to do an item about Bodine in it. He'd like to do an interview with the band (Did it ever get published?).

John Wrightson from Australia is asking to buy a t-shirt and has all the albums. His favourite tracks are "The Force", "Black Star Risin'", "Heavy Rain" and "On The lookout".

Thomas Klaus from Germany sends a post card and briefly asks for more info about the fan club.

Rob Kruitwagen from Stevensbeek sends a short postcard, asking for more info about Bodine.

Frédéric Gagnon from Canada wants more information about Bodine and insists on receiving a catalogue with merchandise. In French!

Waldo de Cock from Belgium is asking for a Bodine sticker--if possible with the signatures of all band members on it.

Marco Dek considers himself a great Bodine fan (are you still, Marco?) and asks about possibilities to become a member of the fan club.

Vincent Weynen from South Africa thinks that Bodine rules and wants to become a member of the Bodine fan club.

Rob Kruitwagen sadly acknowledges the fact that Bodine has disbanded ("It really sucks that the band does not exist any longer!"). He saw Bodine once play live in St. Anthonis and sends his regards to Gerard.

Markus Gettler from Germany read about the band calling quits but wants to order a t-shirt nonetheless--and sends ƒ20 in cash.

Marjan van Steensel from Heinenoord has only recently become a fan of Bodine and complains about the fact that they're not on television at all. Therefore she is looking for more info about the band (P.S. Hopefully without any further obligation on her part).

Sylvia Killaars does not like to waste words and simply asks for more info about the fan club.

Peter (probably from Germany) likes Bodine a lot and lists about 20 other bands he likes. He also asks the fan club for their opinion on different metal styles.

Waldo de Cock writes again and probably still doesn't get the picture about Bodine's demise. He asks for even more photos of the band. (P.S. As soon as possible).

Only with outside help and a lot of luck it would be possible to trace down all the writers. (Try a linkedin search for Frédéric Gagnon, for instance! You'll get the point.) RegularRocker did not have the opportunity to ask the writers for their permission to publish their letters here. Although none of the letters are compromising in any way, Regular Rocker respects their privacy.

Therefore, if you want to read any of the letters, register as a member and login. Worth your while!