Rhinoceros LabelIn their studio years, Bodine issued 26 songs on record. When the records were re-issued on Pseudonym in 1996, one new song surfaced (Rock Doctor).

In a brief period of three years, Bodine recorded three thundering albums. They were recorded in extremely short studio sessions, lasting about two weeks. For Bodine, working under pressure obviously contributed to the quality of the recordings.

All Bodine LP-records were originally released on Rhinoceros records, a subdivision of WEA (Warner Europe). Rhinoceros was a label established by Chiel Montagne (artist's name for Bert van Rheenen). Montagne was also the owner of the Dutch Music Centre (D.M.C.) studios, where all Bodine's albums were recorded. DMC studios were located in Baarn until and saw mainly mainstream Netherpop acts recording their albums. However, rock acts from The Netherlands such as Normaal, Golden Earring, Helloïse and Vengeance also recorded a couple of albums at this studio, which was eventually torn down in 1986.
Three Times Running WEA Japan label
The catalogue numbers for the Bodine LP’s  are:
Bodine: WEA 58.278 (on some editions the catalog no. is WEAN 58.278)
Bold As Brass: WEA 58.481
Three Times Running: WEA 24.0256-1

    Bold As Brass was released in the USA on the WEA International label (WEA 1801).  Three Times Running was issued in the USA (on WEA International, WEA 1803) and in Japan  (WEA P-11456). The Japanese version contains a sheet with transcripts of the lyrics by Linda Hennrick.


    1996 Pseudonym CD IIITRThe three LPs were compiled and re-issued in 1996 as two CDs on Pseudonym Records:


    screw CDP-1030-DD Bodine (including previously unreleased tracks Rock Doctor and Regular Rocker, some demo versions and jingles by Alfred Lagarde). The album was Digitally Re-Mastered by Peter van 't Riet at DIGIPRO, Holland. Please find the inlays page 1-2 and page 3-4.


    screw CDP-1031-DD Three Times Running (including seven tracks from Bold As Brass, excluding Breaking Out). This disk was also digitally remastered by Peter van 't Riet at DIGIPRO, Holland. Please find the inlays page 1-2 and page 3-4.

    These CDs are currently not available any longer, unless as a second hand on sites as Marktplaats or eBay, at too high a price.

    For a while, another re-issue of the "Bodine" album on CD could be ordered through Fonos under catalogue number CD-75715. It has the same track list as the Pseudonym issue.
    Also, the "Three Times Running" CD can be obtained at Fonos under catalogue number ST-60804. This edition follows the original LP track list. You may try your luck doing a google search for these catalog numbers every now and then. It's how RegularRocker obtained a US copy of Bold As Brass on vinyl.
    Regretfully, Bold as Brass was never released through Fonos and Fonos currently no longer exists.

    Bodine released four 7” singles on vinyl. The singles were issued under catalogue numbers
    Rock Rosetta/Oh Wee Baby (WEA WEAN 18463)
    On The Lookout/Back Street Crawler (WEA WEAN 18718)
    Regular Rocker/Pumpin' Iron (WEA 19.167)
    Shout/Free Kick(24-9557-7-N)

      If you are looking for Bodine records, try a search for Bodine at Musicstack. Beware of the price differences though, as they may vary significantly.

      1992 Mark-IV demo

      Late 2010, Han Hijzelendoorn, former initiator of the Bodine fan club, put Paul Evers from Time Is Running Productions in Hilversum in touch with regularrocker.nl. It turned out that Paul owned a copy of an audio tape that held five songs that were recorded in 1992 by the Mk-IV Bodine line up. The tracks turned out to be nothing to be ashamed of--quite the contrary! With permission, the tracks will be published on this website in due time.



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