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1981, February

original track list:

1. Rock Rosetta
2. Back Street Crawler
3. Freight Train (3:22)
4. Gonna Get Back (3:09)
5. You Didn't Give Me Love (5:22)
1. On The Lookout (3:44)
2. New York City Streets (4:51)
3. Oh Wee Baby (3:00)
4. Foggy Fantasy (4:58)
5. Shooting Dice (2:43)


The first self-titled album was produced by Okkie Huysdens at the D.M.C. (Dutch music Centre) Studios in Baarn. It came out on the Rhinoceros label, a "licensee of WEA International - a Warner Communications Company"--as the record sleeve reads. It was issued in March 1981, probably only in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg. It sold 12,000 times.

To give an impression of the competition Bodine was facing, the album appeared in the same year as Y&T's EarthshakerRiot's Fire Down Under, Ozzy Osbourne's Diary of a Madman, and NWOBHM newcomers Saxon's Denim And Leather and Iron Maiden's Killers.

At the time that the self-titled album Bodine appeared, Haitsma, Xeros had been playing together for about 5 years. Together with Armand van der Hoff they had developed a beefy sound which remained recognisable throughout their recording years.

'Bodine' is a blues-rock album in a musical tradition that became known by Bad Company in the 1970's. Some influences of Status Quo and early Whitesnake can be heard as well, thematically as well as musically.

The album contains four ballads--Back Street Crawler, You Didn't Give Me Love and New York City Streets and Foggy Fantasy. All of the ballads are great compositions, allowing Rheno to show his talent for sensitive guitar solos. Notably the solo on Back Street Crawler is astonishingly beautiful: he makes his guitar weep, whisper, moan and growl in one solo.

Rock Rosetta single sleeve

The opening song of the album is Rock Rosetta, an up-tempo song a bout a woman adored by the singer. It was brought out on single as well.
Freight Train is the fastest song on the album--live audiences must have loved anging their heads to this song. It opens with a ruffle of drums and it has a great drive. Gonna Get Back tells the attempt of a man trying to win back the love of a woman that he lost before.
You Didn't Give Me Love is a sad story about a person receiving all the care he could wish for from a lover, however, without feeling love. This makes the singer feel cheated upon. It's a ballad that crowls under your skin.
On The Lookout was the second single taken from the album. Jay's vocals on this one are excellent. The ease at which he sings this song is amazing. 1981-04_Bodine_On_The_LookoutOn The Lookout single sleeve Oh Wee Baby is another cry from the heart about someone frustrated with love and reasons for breaking up. Foggy Fantasy is the last ballad on the album and able to send chills down your spine when you get to the lines: "I pull my rain coat around me, but I get wet anyway"--the story of someone who  has lost perspective on life and is searching for answers in the past. The gloomy mood of this song is immediately countered by the last one on the album; Shooting Dice, an up-tempo rocker about taking chances in life.

In an interview with Headache Magazine, Arjen Lucassen rates the first Bodine album as one of Netherlands' best rock albums that was ever released. It received at least 8 reviews in the press, each one of them enthusiastic, rating the album between good and great. According to the critics, Bodine were an easy match to international acts. After all these years, fans still rave about this album.

The first 1,000 copies came with a iron-on decal, copy of which is shown below.


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Bodine - Rock Rosetta single sleeve

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