1992 Demo

2011 Bodine_IV_demo_frontBodine Mk-IV demo design by Paul EversPaul Evers is a music professional who has known Jeroen 'Jeronimo' Bos for a long time. Paul even jammed with Axel Langemeijer on one afternoon! Once, Jeroen passed him a music cassette with nearly-finished recordings of the 1992 sessions at the RS29 studio of Bodine Mk-IV. There were five songs on it, no titles. Many years later, Paul had set up his own recording studio in Hilversum. He had lost track of the tape for many years, but after he found the tape again, he left a message on tachtiger weblog, asking for the titles of the tracks on the music cassette. Eventually, he got in touch with Jeronimo who helped him with the titles.

Paul then digitalised the songs, burnt them onto a CD and designed a sleeve for it. Knowing ProTools AND POhotoshop can be an asset! And who will benefit from Paul's skills? You eventually--the Bodine fans who have been waiting for this musical revelation like falsely convicted prisoners on bread and water for their release! Mephistopholes and Give it To Me have been revealed earlier. New tracks are: One Happy S.O.B., Leave I Must and The Promise Of Love.

 1. Mephistopheles



2. Give It To me


3. One Happy S.O.B.



4. Leave I must



5. The Promise of Love



The demo reveals a sharp musical turn from the earlier albums to a more riff-oriented style, inspired by AC/DC. The production is crystal clear and Jay van Feggelen is in great shape on this one, outperforming himself in comparison to the first album.

The line up on this demo album was formed by

Gerard Haitsma - drums
Jay van Feggelen - vocals
Oscar Holleman - guitar
Erik van der Ven - guitar
Jeronimo - bass guitar