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TOPIC: Bodine revival night in Hilversum

Bodine revival night in Hilversum 07 Jan 2011 00:13 #51

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On 5 January 2011, Paul, Han, Michael and Jeroen “Jeronimo” Bos came together for a Bodine revival night in Hilversum. Paul owns a recording studio and has spent time polishing the 1992 recordings of Bodine Mk-IV (more about that later), Han was the former vice chairman of the Bodine fan club that was listed on the albums 'Bold As Brass' and 'Three Times Running', Michael is Han's son and knows Rheno Xeros quite well, Jeronimo needs no further introduction, and yours truly is the webmaster of RegularRocker.
Han owns an impressive archive of Bodine fan stuff, including articles, gig lists and photos—-more than could be taken stock of on one evening. He is making everything available for RegularRocker and in the years to come, each relevant bit will be shared in the archive.

I had brought along a copy of the video recording of the Pentastoma concert. I had received the recording on DVD from both Philty and Rockcinema a few weeks ago. This video was recorded from the audience and the sound from the mixing console was later mixed into the recording.
It turned out that Jeronimo had never seen it before, so the concert was a complete surprise to him. Regardless of the video quality, he was able to recognise some of the stage hands who intervened during the concert.
We all enjoyed the ambience, the great musical qualities displayed on stage and many times we were baffled by the excellence of the performance. Bodine sounded like a Swiss watch: their musical timing was punctual. Apart from a few glitches in the original tape, there was not a false note to be heard. Rheno's and Iron Anthony's solos were astonishingly accurate. Gerard Haitsma put on a show during his drum solo and Axel was in great spirits, telling jokes to the audience between the songs. He made us laugh out loud a couple of times. Jeronimo wouldn't stop pacing and jumping energetically about the stage, no matter how little space there was. The recording lasted for 74 minutes and all of us were swept away! At the end it felt as we had all been physically there.

We spent the rest of the evening reminiscing the times of Bodine. Jeronimo was able to fill in a couple of blank spots in the history of Bodine that the rest of us had missed out on. Endearing was his memory of the compliments he received from Rheno and Gerard after they had heard the recording of the Countdown Cafe concert (which took place a week before Pentastoma). “They used to be very critical of their colleague's performance”, Jeronimo said, “so when they praised my bass playing on the Countdown Cafe gig, it felt to me as if I had passed an exam! It shows on the Pentastoma video that I was in my element and really felt being a part of he band.”

The idea was raised to organise a fan reunion some time in the future--to meet with other Bodine fans, exchange some memories, watch some footage and listen to some great music together. The best way to enjoy music is appreciating it with like-minded people.
Maybe the idea catches on?!

On a different track, as a closing note: I realise that today it has been 27 years ago since I discovered Bodine on Countdown Café. I remember lying in bed a few minutes after midnight, the radio show just ended, staring into the dark of my room, thinking: “I don't believe I heard this!”
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Re: Bodine revival night in Hilversum 07 Jan 2011 16:21 #52

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Hey Jan,
Indeed what a night it was! It has been a while when a was able to come across and to share the same passion regarding the greatest bunch of Dutch musicians ever. The good news, however, is the fact that there might be (much) more to come. Eager as always, I’m looking forward to that with impossible impatience:laugh:.
By the way; I have shared similar feelings with a couple of lads from various Bodine line-ups in the meantime. Tell you, that was a lot of fun too!

C U soon.

Warm regards,
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