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In mijn archief zitten nog foto's die als Bodine gemarkeerd staan, geen idee of dat zo was...
Saturday, 20 May 2017
Ondergewaardeerde Liedjes
rren. De zomermaanden zullen we daarom onze aandacht richten op Nederlandse en Belgische b...
Saturday, 06 August 2016
Goed dat deze website er is!
Veel nieuwe info gelezen over de band die ...
Monday, 10 August 2015


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Bodine Fan magazine no. 003 online
30 years ago
1982-07 Bodine Fanmagazine 00329 August 2012: Better now than later, RegularRocker republishes the third issue of the Bodine Fan Magazine that was first published in July 1982. In this issue, a gig review by Gerard Haitsma and an interview with Iron Anthony Lucassen, aka Ayreon. Mind you: this is the first interview with Arjen ever published in history!!! From the issue it also becomes clear that the price was lowered from 2.50 guilders to 1.50. And Marcel and Han changed the  spelling from fan clup to fan club!

Unofficial (un)releases
26 August 2012: A new article on the unoffical Bodine releases was published here. It also has a background story of the Mk-IV demo. This article is the most complete overview of Bodine bootlegs thus far, including stuff that has been found but not yet been released!

Album review in Hitkrant
1982-06-10 Hitkrant Bodine-Bold As Brass review tn29 June 2012: 30 years ago, Hitkrant published an edition featuring Diana Ross on the Cover. Diana Ross!!!? In case you wonder what she's doing on this site, it also featured a review on Bold As Brass. Well worth noticing!
In Dutch and in English!

25 May 2012: Bodine received airtime on Stampij, presented by guest host Alfred Lagarde's (from Betonuur) to introduce the album BOLD AS BRASS. New members Axel Langemeijer and Iron Anthony Lucassen were on the show, along with Gerard Haitsma and Armand van der Hoff. It's not clear if Rheno was present as well. Metal Mike van Rijswijk was on the show too, making an anouncement about where to book the band. "Heavy Rain" and "Rock Machine" were aired for the first time. The atmosphere in the studio was exhilarating, at one point Alfred Lagarde doens't seem to know how to keep the band in control (Axel: "Are we on air?"). Listen to the excerpt here, it's great fun:


Thanks to Han Hijzelendoorn and Paul Evers of Time is Running Productions!
The broadcast must have taken place somewhere in April 1982. Who knows the exact date? Get in touch with and tell us!

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