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Monday, 10 August 2015
in my opinion the best metal band from the 80 s out of holland
Monday, 30 June 2014
F. Naberman
Wat dacht Bodine van een optreden op het ¨ Heavy Metal Maniacs ¨ festival in 2015? Zou moo...
Tuesday, 06 May 2014


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B O D I N E   G I G   R E V I E W
1982-05 Aardschok no.12 Bodine live review tn10 May 2012: After weeks of silence in the press, an article was published by Aardschok Magazine about Bodine in May 1982. It's a review of the first gig Bodine played in the Mark-II line up. And what a review. Biased as Metal Mike van Rijswijk may have been (it even earned the band a picture on the cover), he was definitely swept away by Bodine's new look and sound on stage. Bodine Mk-II made a tremendous impression and blew away main act Viva at a rock festival in Bruges. The ad for Bold As Brass on the rear tops it all off. Read the entire review in Dutch here or English there!

... 1982-04-01 Hitkrant Bodine article tnwrote Hitkrant in April 1982
8 April 2012
: The mainstream music mag Hitkrant caught rumours that Bodine were in the studio recording their second album. Amidst news flashes about Meat Loaf, Iron Maiden and Normaal, the arrival of new band members had a major impact on the musical cours of the band.
Check out the Dutch and English version.

STUDIO FLASHBACK: Bodine recording their second album

1982-03-10 OOR Bodine studio report tn27 March 2012: As if he was marking the silence before the storm, OOR magazine's Kees Baars reported about the changes in the line up and the studio progress Bodine Mk-II was making on their second album. The sound bites sounded promising. 30 years ago, Bodine had entered the Mk-II life phase. Find the flashes in the Dutch and English Mk-II library.

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