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Monday, 10 August 2015
in my opinion the best metal band from the 80 s out of holland
Monday, 30 June 2014
F. Naberman
Wat dacht Bodine van een optreden op het ¨ Heavy Metal Maniacs ¨ festival in 2015? Zou moo...
Tuesday, 06 May 2014


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1981-03-10_Streekkrant_Bladel_Bodine_concert_review_tn28 July 2011:
Where are the days that regional newspapers had their own music editor? Granted--the job title sounds a bit cocky, but in 1981, even a regional newspaper could afford a journalist dedicating a concert review to Bodine. Go figure! and read the Dutch or English version (or both) from Streekkrant Bladel! Nowadays, these local weeklies have either vanished or turned into advertising platforms for local entrepreneurs. The author bought the story that Jay van Feggelen founded the band and that Rheno was a Greek. Other than that, the article is fairly credible. The fact that Bodine arrived four hours late to the concert venue in Bladel due to a misunderstanding between the band and the manager confirms the troubled relationship between them. More details to how this ended can be found here.

1981-04-14_Gelders_Streekblad_Bodine-album_review_tn27 July 2011:
The total number of album reviews has increased to nine! This seems to be the latest review about the debut album, published on 14 April 1981. This is another raving review, mounting to a good overall score. It is unlikely that there were any reviews later than that date, since the appearance of the album had lost its actuality by then. Head over to the Dutch and English version!

26 July 2011:
Read the latest comment in the guest book by Jim "The Cranker" Ferraro! Now that's what we call building legends! Thanks a lot, Jim!!

26 July 2011:
It's not that RegularRocker didn't notice the events taking place in Norway, or in Africa, but this website is not intended to keep track of actualities, no matter what their nature is. A heartfelt consolation is going out to the grieving families nonetheless!


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