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Monday, 10 August 2015
in my opinion the best metal band from the 80 s out of holland
Monday, 30 June 2014
F. Naberman
Wat dacht Bodine van een optreden op het ¨ Heavy Metal Maniacs ¨ festival in 2015? Zou moo...
Tuesday, 06 May 2014


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1981-07 Muziek Expres Bodine tn22 July 2011:
An interview with Bodine in Muziek Expres (July 1981): Bodine critical about the Dutch Music scene anno 1981, thank you to Ronald van Bruggen for assistance in translating! (Dutch, English)

8 July 2011:
The article Founding years is now completely re-written and updated with new insights, quotes and anecdotes!

1981-03-12_Vizier_Bodine_article_tn7 July 2011:
Another concert announcement in Groesbeek. The PR-machine was working well for Bodine (Dutch, English)! Thank you to Han Hijzelendoorn for helping to translate! This article once more supports the myth that Jay van Feggelen was the one who initiated Bodine. Yeah, right. And Rheno was a real Greek. And grass is purple and snow is pink.
Jay did come up with the name of the band, after 'Doreen' fell through as a first idea. However, the roots of Bodine are really in The Hague.

1981-03-28_Nieuwsblad _van_het_zuiden_Bodine_album_review_tn1981-04_Prisma_Bodine-Bodine_review_tn26 June 2011:
New old articles & left-overs: two more reviews of Bodine's debut album in your face, published in magazines long gone: Prisma & Nieuwsblad van het Zuiden. The total number of reviews is now 8!

1981-02-28_Muziekinfo_WEA_campaign_tn26 June 2011:
WEA/Rhinoceros heavily campaigned for Bodine's debut album. Read what efforts they made here! (English, Dutch)

26 june 2011:
The Studios and Stages page was updated. Nearly half of the content is refreshed according to new insights! Getting much better now...

1981-04-11_Varia_Bodine_band_interview_tn26 June 2011:
One mega-interview with Bodine, published in Varia (English, Dutch).

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