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Zouden de drie overige nummers van de 1982 demo nog eens beschikbaar komen ?
The Gim...
Wednesday, 02 August 2017
In mijn archief zitten nog foto's die als Bodine gemarkeerd staan, geen idee of dat zo was...
Saturday, 20 May 2017
Ondergewaardeerde Liedjes
rren. De zomermaanden zullen we daarom onze aandacht richten op Nederlandse en Belgische b...
Saturday, 06 August 2016


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1981-02-21_Muziekinfo_Bodine-Bodine_advertorial-tn6 May 2011: Regularrocker is starting to run behind on publications! Here's another ad praising Bodine's debut album in a most original way: Rhubarb! It's not a recipe! For efficiency's sake, this ad was NOT translated!

1981-02-26_Hitkrant_ad_tn3 May 2011: Another advertisement. This time in OOR Magazine. It's getting tedious! If you're still curious, move on to the library! (Dutch and English version)

1981-03-01_Gelderlander_Bodine_concert_announcement_tn2 May 2011: Politically incorrect concert announcement in De Gelderlander (March 1981). The editor glowingly announces the next Bodine gig supporting Swiss rockers Krokus in Nijmegen, slashing Picture and Krokus on the side. RegularRocker can't imagine such things would happen nowadays!! (Dutch and English)

1 May 2011: Early concert date fixed! With help of Koen Bakker, the concert announcement in this article was fixed at 24 May 1980 an added to the gigology. Thus far, this is Bodine's oldest concert date found.


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