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In mijn archief zitten nog foto's die als Bodine gemarkeerd staan, geen idee of dat zo was...
Saturday, 20 May 2017
Ondergewaardeerde Liedjes
rren. De zomermaanden zullen we daarom onze aandacht richten op Nederlandse en Belgische b...
Saturday, 06 August 2016
Goed dat deze website er is!
Veel nieuwe info gelezen over de band die ...
Monday, 10 August 2015


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Solomon Kane single sleeve discovered

Solomon Kaneembedded from eBay11 October 2011: Unstoppable Martin is really at it! His most recent discoveries are a single sleeve of Jay van Feggelen's only solo record--a 6" single released in 1976 on vinyl, covering the Rolling Stones' song "Connection". Turns out his artist's name wasn't Solomone Cane but Solomon Kane. Note the difference! Jay's profile is updated now. More...
Another invaluable discovery by Martin are the clips uploaded on youtube of Parklane! There are two of them, actually, but this one features some images of Jay (FF to 1:05 min, right side). That's him! A big thank you to Martin!

New topic opened in the Forum (Stokvishal gig and aftermath; in Dutch!

1979-10-17_Oor_no.21_Rockmart_Management_Bodine_tn8 October 2011: Unstoppable Martin is responsible for the third scoop in a few weeks time. After tracing the date of Bodine's earliest live gig and the advertisement of Dutch Rock Management (below), he also found an ad of what must be the first Bodine management agency--Rockmart. In October 1979, Rockmart advertised in Muziekkrant Oor and listed Bodine among their acts. This brings the total amount of Bodine managements to five. In a five-year time span, one can imagine this is just too much to create any realistic long-term perspective for the band. The turbulence in the management area must have caused a great deal of restlessness. Perhaps in future it will become clear what was the cause for these changes. Read more...

1982-06-12_DRM_management_ad_Bodine6 October 2011: Martin Stassen is a real gold digger for RegularRocker! IF there would be a Rock Machine Award, Martin should be nominated--along with Shockpower Oliver and Maxpower Han! This time, Martin succeeded in finding the only known ad of DRM Management in Muziekkrant Oor, 12 June 1982. (Thanks, Martin! Your archive must be enormous!) The new found ad gave rise to adding another paragraph to the management section on the biography Mk-II page. Read more...

1979-07-06 Paradiso gig list4 October 2011: Another SCOOP on! The earliest concert date thus far was traced back (another feat by Martin Stassen) to Friday 6 July 1979--in Paradiso, Amsterdam, of all places! It figures what bluff it must have taken to put a band on the bill that didn't even have a record out then. Friday is the main out-going night of the week, Paradiso was and is a major concert venue, all the great bands of the earth have played there, including Judas Priest, Ian Gillan, Thin Lizzy--you name it.

1982-10-01_Bodine_Arnhem_04 30 September 2011: Another contribution by Martin Stassen takes us back to the Mk-II period of live performance, through these photos here, taken at the Stokvishal in Arnhem, 1 October 1982. Even though the photos may not be very sharp, they give an impression of the kind of space Bodine performed in. Based on the photos, it seemed crowded. The Stokvishal could hold 1,200 visitors and also hosted acts like Ramones, Motörhead, Iggy Pop and Elvis Costello. The question that remains after seeing these photos is: where is the backdrop? (Further digging in the Forum...)

1983-04-30_Borne_Rock_Explosion_poster 25 September 2011: Martin Stassen keeps sending in valuable material related to Bodine's musical career. How about this poster of the Rock Explosion festival in Borne, that took plae on 30 April 1983? Remember--it was Armand van der Hoff's farewell gig and it practically went up in smoke because the sound was poor and the lights went on too early. Bodine called it quits after playing five songs, according to Aardschok. What a disappointment this must have been--both for the band and for the fans...

23 September 2011: OOPS!
Rectification, recti·fi·cation (rkt-f-kshn) n.
tr.v. rec·ti·fied, rec·ti·fy·ing, rec·ti·fies
1. editorial correction, usually written.
2. correction by calculation or adjustment.
3. difficult word, something you use after making a mistake.

Nederpop_Encyclopedie_Park_Lane_tnMartin Stassen kindly pointed out that the band "Park Lane" that is referred to in this Hitkrant article IS NOT the Park Lane that Jay van Feggelen sang in! There happens to have been two Park Lanes, one in Utrecht, one in Amsterdam! Jay was in the Utrecht Park Lane. The evidence is given in the entry about Park Lane from the Nederpop Encyclopedie by Roeland Bajema. RegularRocker knew that there was an English Mr. Big and a U.S. Mr. Big, as well as a Dutch Atilla and a US one, but there is a continent of difference between them... Two Park Lanes within 30 kilometers, in the same country, exisiting simultaneously--it does not sound very obvious, does it?
This update rectifies the 20 September 2011 update below... sincerest apologies to all people harmed by this ignorance! 

21 September 2011: Some major improvements were added to this site! The old song poll was trashed completely and replaced by a rating system that allows all of you Bodinists to cast one to five stars for each song on the list! Login and rush over to this new, improved feature which allows for much more interactivity! five_stars RULE!

1981-03-26_Hitkrant_hardrock_special_tn20 September 2011:
An article in Hitkrant "Holland Getting Heavier" features FWODHM (First Wave of Dutch Heavy Metal) acts Picture, Frankenstein, Hollander, J.J.R.OXX, Bodine and... Park Lane!! Who even remembers these acts? Did you know the OXX Band sill exists? They look like an early pagan metal-version of Heidevolk. And what's so interesting about Park Lane? You know it: Jay van Feggelen sung with them for a while! The article still needs translation! Any volunteers?


19 September 2011: New pages added! Three pages were published to improve navigation on this site and to add features that no other fan site does--until proven otherwise!
1. An index of articles that were published about Bodine. The list is chronological and probably incomplete. Many thanks to Shockpower, MaxPower, Mar Thin and MCN for additions to this section!
2. An overview of expenses related to this website. For those of you wondering what the PayPal icon in the left lower corner of these pages is for: here's the full deal. Inspired by practices of charity foundations, RegularRocker becomes transparent about what it it took (thus far) to create this site.
3. A list of fan sites about bands that existed in Bodine's heydays. There are a lot of fans who created sites for bands that emerged in the 1980's. RegularRocker cannot ignore that passion! An overview was started here. It's work in progress. Suggestions are welcome! The obscurer, the better!

1983-04-30_Rock_Explosion_ticketConcert Ticket Martin scanned for you19 September 2011: Martin Stassen has been greatly helpful in adding dates to the Mk-I gigology. (THANK YOU, MARTIN!) We're up to 35 live dates in 1981 already! Go fetch some memories by browsing the updated list and see if you can spot a gig that you visited way back when! Reminiscence becomes us old school rockers! It's got to do with age (and a lot of headbanging)! Did you recognize a gig in the list? Scream about it in the Forum (register)!

1980-Bodine_mgt_ad-sBodine Management ad, first used in Oor no. 22;
5 November 1980 (scanned by Martin Stassen)


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