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1984-05-27 Bodine Amicitia-s1984-05-27 Scarborough Fair festival poster

18-12-2015: Rien van Nieuwenhuizen, who ranks as one of the earliest discoverers of Bodine, hinted Regular Rocker to a festival poster circulating on Facebook. The poster can be traced back to 1984 and is unique for the fact that it announced one of the concerts agfter Arjen Lucassen's departure. Probably, they played as a four-man band, with Rheno filling in all the guitar parts (if this wasn't the gig that Henry van Maanen played). After this date, Bodine Mk-III(a) would only perform four more times.

The festival venue was Amicitia in The Hague, and for some peculiar reason it was called the Scarborough Fair festival. Is there anyone out there who has more details on this concert? Who played in Bodine that day? What was it like? Share your memories here in the comments section!

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1984-03-30 Bodine Autographs-sclick to enlarge18-12-2015: Marcel Ebbelaar attended a Bodine gig on 30 March 1984 at 't Krogt in Bussum. Anyone guess why this is a unique document? Right... Arjen Lucassen was about to leave the band and there were only two gigs left for him with Bodine. Fat chance this is the last autograph card including all band members.



18 December 2015: Martin 'Stunning' Stassen has a radar for obscure gig dates. A few months ago, he shared a couple of articles from a local daily called the Goudsche Courant. They are two announcements of a festival called Rock Against Fascism that took place in Over De Brug in Gouda, on 5 May 1980 (Liberation Day for the Dutch). It's a unique date, because it was listed before the debut album was released.


To the genuine Bodinist, this just proves how many years Bodine were ahead of time, standing up against fascism. Alongside De Mo and More, a band from Gouda, Bodine took the stage to make a statement! The editor, Hans van Raalte, however, didn't have a clue about Bodine's presence at the festival. According to his limited views, rock music only invoked aggression, instead of reducing it.


1984-03-30 Krogt-sclick to enlarge18-12-2015: Since everything over a handful is wasted, Regular rocker kept a mysterious afterburner of Marcel Ebbelaar's Autograph Card posted a few months ago. Apart from a shoe print, it reads that the venue 't Krogt had been burglared prior to the concert. The damage added up to 3,000.- guilders in missing appliances and 1,000.- in necessary repairs. As a gesture of charity, the bands listed for that day agreed to play for free, so that all the ticket revenues could be used as a down payment on new gear. Ain't that sympathetic?

Moreover, it turns out that it was a festival with 6 bands and Bodine was listed as (this is where the mystery starts) Axel Langemeyer, Jeronimo and Arjen Lucassen--supported by "Fast Bas" on the drums.

Fast WHO?

Fast Bas.


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