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Zouden de drie overige nummers van de 1982 demo nog eens beschikbaar komen ?
The Gim...
Wednesday, 02 August 2017
In mijn archief zitten nog foto's die als Bodine gemarkeerd staan, geen idee of dat zo was...
Saturday, 20 May 2017
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rren. De zomermaanden zullen we daarom onze aandacht richten op Nederlandse en Belgische b...
Saturday, 06 August 2016


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1981-10-17 VARA gids Bodine1981-10-17 VARA Magazine (NL)17 October 2011: The editorial about the poll results in VARA's magazine suggests that the outcome was rigged by a coup of Bodine fanclub (English version here)! However, MaxPower, initiater of the fanclub, denies this allegation. "At the time the poll took place, the fan club did not even exist", he points out subtly, "Our first fan mag was only released a month later".

LEIDEN concert announcement

1981-10-09 Leids vrijetijdscentrum Bodine live1981-10-09, LVC Bodine live (NL)17 October 2011: Here at even the tiniest bits of news matter! Even this microspcopic concert announcement in Dutch and English did not go unnoticed!

Solomon Kane single sleeve discovered

Solomon Kaneembedded from eBay11 October 2011: Unstoppable Martin is really at it! His most recent discoveries are a single sleeve of Jay van Feggelen's only solo record--a 6" single released in 1976 on vinyl, covering the Rolling Stones' song "Connection". Turns out his artist's name wasn't Solomone Cane but Solomon Kane. Note the difference! Jay's profile is updated now. More...
Another invaluable discovery by Martin are the clips uploaded on youtube of Parklane! There are two of them, actually, but this one features some images of Jay (FF to 1:05 min, right side). That's him! A big thank you to Martin!

New topic opened in the Forum (Stokvishal gig and aftermath; in Dutch!

1979-10-17_Oor_no.21_Rockmart_Management_Bodine_tnBODINE's first MANAGEMENT AGENCY UNCOVERED

8 October 2011: Unstoppable Martin is responsible for the third scoop in a few weeks time. After tracing the date of Bodine's earliest live gig and the advertisement of Dutch Rock Management (below), he also found an ad of what must be the first Bodine management agency--Rockmart. In October 1979, Rockmart advertised in Muziekkrant Oor and listed Bodine among their acts. This brings the total amount of Bodine managements to five. In a five-year time span, one can imagine this is just too much to create any realistic long-term perspective for the band. The turbulence in the management area must have caused a great deal of restlessness. Perhaps in future it will become clear what was the cause for these changes. Read more...


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