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Zouden de drie overige nummers van de 1982 demo nog eens beschikbaar komen ?
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Wednesday, 02 August 2017
In mijn archief zitten nog foto's die als Bodine gemarkeerd staan, geen idee of dat zo was...
Saturday, 20 May 2017
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rren. De zomermaanden zullen we daarom onze aandacht richten op Nederlandse en Belgische b...
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1981-04-11_Varia_Bodine_band_interview_tn26 June 2011:
One mega-interview with Bodine, published in Varia (English, Dutch).

3 June 2011:
Hail to all you Bodinists from Australia, Brasil, USA, Germany, Hungary, Norway and, of course, Zoetermeer visiting these pages recently!!
RegularRocker proudly announces a couple of changes to the site that may seem cosmetic at first sight, but are in fact major improvements!

First of all:
for all you wannabe members who consider it a fuss to maintain different accounts and remember user names for each site that you register with, there's now a possibility to login with your Facebook account! Are you already registered as a member here? If you used the same email address on Facebook as the one you registered with here, your accounts will be linked automatically. Still don't like Facebook? No problem! Just keep using your account on

You probably noticed that the background has changed as well. The new background is significantly lighter to load and less of a burden to webservers and routers. This means a smaller carbon footprint! RegularRocker is aware that any contribution to saving energy should be used to preserve our environment!
Also, the new background is less of a burden to the eyes.

The Forum now opens in a separate window, without left-side menu buttons. The layout has more space, which should make it easier for broad-minded visitors to share their views and memories on Bodine.
Are you lost in the Forum and do you want to head back to the site? Just click on the Bodine logo in the header and you're back on the homepage! This tiny feature should make navigation lots easier for all you Bodinists!

Last, and least: has a Paypal donation module! Does this mean RegularRocker has switched to begging mode? Get real! It just means to provide an opportunity to become a stakeholder of the site and share a bit of the financial burden of hosting, spamfighting and software licenses. For those of you who want to know what expenses are involved with this site, feel free to ask for them via the reply form, RegularRocker will provide full transparency--NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

25 May 2011: has been under serious spambot attacks during the past couple of days. It's a form of recognition! So, thank you guys! Obviously, really means something now!! On the other hand, spam does not make this site more pleasant to visit. RegularRocker is dealing with it. In the meantime, if you wish to register as a member to this site, send a message via the contact form!

Raving album review

1981-03-04_Weekkrant_Oss_Bodine_article_tn17 May 2011:
Another raving review about Bodine's debut, no shortage of superlatives, this time in the local weekly newspaper from Oss. Oss is not exactly a metropole, but it's not a small village either and considered to be the founding town of the Dutch Socialist Party (as if that's got anything to do with it)! A few concert dates were added to the gigology based on this article! Another remarkable issue: the writer bought the story about Rheno being Greek and Jay founding the band. Obviously, anno 1981, fact-finding was not a very common practise. Still a good example of building legends, though! Look for the Dutch and English (text only) documents.


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