Venue is still empty
Arjen Lucassen in pre-stage outfit
View from the top
This is starting to sound good!
A few more beats and riffs and we're done!
A couple more beats
Pay close attention to this riff!
Now hear this!
How do  you like my flying V?
Isn't that Jeronimo in the right? It is!
Iron Anthony and Axel are really giving it all they've got

This photo set shows Bodine during a sound check before the gig takes off. These photos are actually quite rare, often there was no time for sound checks before concerts. At festivals, it was not uncommon that the program suffered delays, which the operators tried to compensate for by skipping sound checks for the next band. It also happened that a band arrived late due to misunderstandings between operator, management and band members about exact point in time, or simply due to vague driving instructions. There weren't any navigation systems in those days, you know...

Update: view details about the location submitted by Jeronimo below!

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Photos kindly made available by MaxPower.