The debris of the collector's madness!

This page is a collection of album sleeves and parafernalia scanned and sent in by visitors to Thank you for your contributions! Keep 'm coming!


Solomon Kane Connection 6" single sleeve
Concert ad Melkweg 1979-05-27
Bodine promo package 1981
Bodine Rock Rosetta sinlge sleeve
Bodine Iron-on decal
Bodine On The Lookout single sleeve
Concert ad Bodine in Utopia, Elsloo, 1 May 1981
Bodine Bold As Brass album sleeve
Bodine Regular Rocker single sleeve
Bold Ass Brass music cassette
Bodine at Beurshalle, Brugge, ticket 9 April 1982
Eishalle, Moers Hard-rock Festival ticket 10 juli 1982
Bodine concert poster 28 August 1982
Metal Cattle Rock Ulicoten 9 October 1982
Heavy Metal Nights festival Foyer Culturel, Liège poster 18 November 1982
Bodine Zeche, Bochum concert ticket 17 April 1983
1983-04-17 Anzeige Bodine Bochum
Borne Rock Explosion poster 30 April 1983
Another Borne Rock Explosion poster, 30 April 1983
Rock Explosion concert ticket 30 April 1983
Loudness festival 't Holt, Deinum poster 15 October 1983
Bodine - Three Times Running Japanese album sleeveJapan_Sleeve
1983 Ed Bos Management card
Bodine Shout single sleeve
Zwaagwesteinde concert ad 10 March 1984
Bodine autographs on management promo card (1984)
Rockweekend America, Limburg 31 March 1984
Earthquake 1984 Festival poster
Earthquake 1984 advertisement
Moonshine management ad 1984 June 02
Bodine demo "IV" sleeve
Bodine Live at Pentastoma DVD sleeve
Bodine Mk-IV set list
1984-03-30 Bodine Autographs
1984-05-27 Bodine Amicitia 12358230_1003785736334603_1204618412_n
1983 NY festival bill
1981-08-06 Bodine Den Haag Paard van Troje 6 Augustus 1981