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Scattered about the internet, you will find references to and side notes on Bodine. They come and they may go. RegularRocker has listed a couple of them on this page, where you'll find an overview of links for quick access.
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Youtube is full of Bodine soundclips, but they get displaced very now and then. This playlist is a compilation as of 2 september 2010 and its shelf life may be limited.

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Close to the source
(through former Band members’ later projects)

Arjen Lucassen

Arjen about Bodine (En) (En)

Gerard Haitsma (En)

Jeronimo (Jeroen Bos) (En) (En) (En) (En)

Jay van Feggelen

Online music archives and encyclopaedias: (Fr) (De)
(Fr) (En) (En) (English) (in Dutch) (En) (Enter “Bodine” in the Keyword search and there you go) (En) (En) (En) (En) (Dutch) (English)

MySpace (English, run by a Bodine fan in Ireland!)

Pages where you can rate Bodine albums:

Bodine: (including sound bites) (no need to register) (have to register) (have to register)

Bold As Brass: (in Dutch, have to register) (no need to register) (have to register)

Three Times Running: (including sound bites!)
(no need to register) (have to register) (have to register)

References and tributes to Bodine by third parties: (English) (in Dutch) (in Dutch) (in German) (in English) (English) (English) (Japanese)

About Linda Hennrick, transcriptionist on the Japanese edition of Three Times Running:,,1078019,00.html (in English) (in English)


Arjen Lucassen on MySpace

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