3 May, 2014: It's been a while since the previous update, and SORRY to keep you all waiting so long, but Regular Rocker is back with a MAJOR SCOOP! It turns out that 'Rock Machine' was covered way back when, by a US metal band called Sorcerer!!!

Check out the kick-ass demo here!

What makes this recording unique is that it's the oldest proof of influence by Bodine on another band beyond the borders of the Netherlands. In addition, Sorcerer added a bit thrashier touch to it. The drummer of Sorcerer was George Chahalis. He later joined Harter Attack which released the album Human Hell and supported Nuclear Assault on a couple of American tours.

Regular Rocker had an interview with with George:

RR: Hello George, when was this track recorded?

"We covered Rock Machine with my old band Sorcerer back around 1983. We tried to do it like the record. I am playing drums and my brother is one of the two guitar players. We did a lot of Heavy Metal stuff (Saxon, UFO, Priest, Maiden, etc...).  We had a great time playing those great songs from the day."

RR: Man, this is absolutely FABULOUS! Awesome stuff! Great groove, it's a little bit thrashy but I like that feel! And you managed to pin down the guitar solos too, not an easy feat!"

"Thanks for the compliments. Truly great times they were."

RR: Tell us a bit more about Sorcerer!

"Sorcerer was a band from Wilmington, Delaware from approximately 1979-1984. Its members were school age friends, with the exception of my brother. I played drums and my brother played guitar. We played in local clubs, bars and high school auditoriums. Our passion was Heavy Metal. Our big thing was putting on a Judas Priest show (outfits, regalia, pyrotechnics and all) during one of our sets, which generated a tremendous response from audiences."

RR: What material did you play, besides Priest?

"We also played other heavy stuff from Saxon, UFO, Schenker, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, and lots of Iron Maiden (Paul Di'Anno era). In fact, I remember one time we held auditions for a bass player and a deciding factor was how well the candidate could play the bass solo in the song Iron Maiden!). We especially prided ourselves on doing more obscure stuff from bands like More, Holocaust and especially Bodine. Rock Machine was extremely exciting to play and remains a personal favorite of mine today. Also, the NWOBHM was a very big influence on the band members."

RR: You've enriched this website with the oldest evidence of Bodine inspiring another band. I'm trying to imagine what the old band members would say if they hear this!

"We admired them! I listened to the Countdown Cafe recording. WOW! Great quality and performance. What a gem. Bodine were truly a special band."

RR: Are you still active in the music business?

"I have long ago retired from the music business, went to graduate school to earn an MBA, entered the corporate world, got married and put my efforts into raising our children. I often say I went from a 'Dude' to a 'Dad', and I have no regrets. At least I had the opportunity to pursue a dream, even though that dream did not produce much income. However, I did gain much more from the experience and will always treasure those intangibles, no mater what."

RR: I guess the Bodine members can relate to that, judging by their current occupations, outside the music business. Well, George, on behalf of the fans a BIG THANK YOU for this truly unique material! And keep posted if there's anything else regarding Sorcerer surfaces!

"Thanks and I will!"

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