Beukelpop Performance contract

22 August 2011: Would you believe it? RegularRocker has managed to lay hands on a truly unique document in rock history--the concert performance contract of Bodine at Biervliet Beukelpop Festival on 29 August 1981 (NL). It's another invaluable document from the collection of MaxPower. Thank you!

1981-08-29_Bodine_Biervliet_Contract-tnOkay, let's visualize that for a couple of moments!

(educational purposes only, no advertising intended!)

- 400 Dutch guilders briefje van honderd guldenbriefje van honderd guldenbriefje van honderd guldenbriefje van honderd gulden
- A case of beer krat-heiniken and a bottle of whisky JW-blackLabel

- Some non-alcoholic drinks flesje_chocomelflesje_chocomelflesje_chocomelflesje_colaflesje_colaflesje_spa-roodflesje_spa-roodflesje_spa-groen


chocomel logoIn case you wonder who was the Chocomel drinker in the band: it was Gerard who fancied the drink most of all. They should have made a commercial about him instead of little miss Fame!

It becomes clear from this document (English/Dutch) that it was going to be tough to make a living from Bodine. Splitting 400 guilders among four band members and a manager left each one of them with barely enough money to live on for a two or three days. Makes you wonder how much of it remained for Armand, Gerard, Jay and Rheno, after deduction of the management fee.

This contract makes the Beukelpop gig one of the best documented Bodine gigs, adding to the live footage shared by MaxPower on youtube.


It also shows a bit of the role that the management had in taking care of the band's interests. The contract is simple and formulated primarily in the interest of the band. There are a few items missing, though. To list the obvious ones: name, representative and address of the entrepreneur hiring the band, a signature, the name of the festival--even the brand of beer was left out!

There are no possible sanctions in case of misconduct by any of the band members. In fact, any rights of the festival organiser (“entrepreneur”) to reclaim some of the money in case the band malperformed or wouldn't turn up are left out too. It is possible that these were mentioned on the back side of the contract. The document used was a photocopy.