Hard Times in Helden

2019-05-03: Helden, in Limburg province, is by far the town where Bodine performed most: Once in the Mk-I line-up, three times as Mk-II and once more as Mk-III. Hence, it is interesting that now a concert review of one of these gigs has surfaced, from Sucks Magazine no less, thanks to the unequaled Martin! This is from the gig that took place on 11 August 1982.

1982 08 11 Sucks Helden concert review tn

It reveals the following set list:

1. Rock Machine

2. Pumping Iron

3. Freight Train

4. Heavy Rain

5. Hard Times

6. Regular Rocker

7. Aragorn

8. Heavy Metal Heart

--- encore ---

9. On The Lookout

10. Wild Fire Queen

Most remarkable about this list is that Hard Times was played more than a year before it was released on Three Times Running in 1983.

For now, the article is only shared in Dutch, an English translation will be published later.