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1983-09-23_meule_jeronimo-sJeronimo © Jan KeereweerActual name: Jeroen Bos
In the band from May 1983 - June 1984; 1992 - January 1993

credited on:
Three Times Running
IV (demo) 

Credited for 5 songs, and credited for "restoring our bodies and souls" on Three Times Running

No. of gigs with Bodine (documented): 48


Jeronimo was the last member to join Bodine in the Rhinoceros recording years. He was 21 when he joined the band.

Since Rheno and Arjen filled in the bass parts on Three Times Running, he did not get to play on that album. Jeronimo joined the band on stage for the tour that started after Three Times Running was released. He remembers his first gig with Bodine was in May  1983, in Nieuwegein.

After Bodine fell apart in 1984, he stuck around with Gerard Haitsma to play on M80's album The Maniac's Revenge. This is covered here.

There are at least four sources claiming that Jeronimo spent a while in the United States and teamed up with former Dokken guitarist Greg Leon's band Invasion.

1992_JeronimoJeronimo in 1992 © Willy VerdiesenJeronimo resurfaced when Bodine made an attempt in 1992 to reunite. When Oscar Holleman invited Gerard Haitsma to a jam session, the drummer took bass player Jeronimo along. What happened next can be read in the biography section.

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