Throughout their existence, Bodine went through turbulent times. The recording years saw the most changes of musicians, in fact, each album was recorded with a different line up. The flyer that came out in 1980 suggests that Bodine existed as a five-man band for at least a brief period that year. However, since no concerts in this line up are documented, nor are there any recordings by this formation saved, it is left out of consideration. This brings the total number of line ups to four.

Mk I (1981-1982)Mk-I: Armand van der Hoff, Jay van Feggelen, Rheno Xeros, Gerard Haitsma (1980-1982)

Mk-II (1982-1983)Mk-II: Armand van der Hoff, Axel Langemeijer, Rheno Xeros, Arjen Lucassen, Gerard Haitsma (1982-1983)

Mk-III (1983-1984)Mk-III: Rheno Xeros, Arjen Lucassen, Axel Langemeijer, Jeronimo, Gerard Haitsma (1983-1984)

1992_bodine_mk-iv-001-headerMk-IV: Erik van der Ven, Gerard Haitsma, Jay van Feggelen, Jeronimo, Oscar Holleman (1992)

Check out the Biography section for the history of Mk-IV. Profiles of Oscar Holleman and Erik van der Ven will be added later!

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