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I extend my greatest thanks and sweaty hugs
to the following persons (in order of appearance), without whose valuable support it wouldn't have been possible to realise this site:

Marcel Homsma for initial velocity and inspirational thoughts;

Ron Nelisse from Liberteq for webdesign, tech support, hosting and setting this up on the internet. Check out his website and give him a pat on the shoulder here!

Martjo Brongers and the band Vortex, for playing 'Shout' live at the Manifesto on Saturday 24 October 2009;

Martjo Brongers (the very same!) of Headache Magazine and Furyrocks for invaluable historic photos, information and moral encouragement;

A couple of former Bodine members, including Gerard Haitsma for his contributions and Jeronimo for encouragement;

Kees Baars for corrections;

Philty11 and Rockcinema for old recordings on modern silver disks, allowing me a sneak flashback in Bodine's live performance (and man! they rocked!);

Jan Keereweer, for 22 photos taken at De Meule.

MaxPower, who revealed himself as Han Hijzelendoorn, initiator of the fan club, for sharing so many articles and anecdotes you will read (about) in the next couple of years!

Paul Evers, for polishing up old recordings. We had great fun spending evenings in front of his computer screens trying to make things look good--and hopefully we still will!

Jerre Baumeister for technical support, hacks, tricks and back-end fine tuning.


Greatest thanks to all of you!
Jan 'Metal Man' Riemersma

P.S. If you think this website looks old fashioned and traditional--well; thanks for the compliment! In the 1980s there was no world wide web (long for: 'www') and what you're looking at is what a website would have looked like in 1982! Cool, huh?