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Armand van der HoffArmand van der Hoff © Govert de RoosIn the band from 1978-April 1983

Performed on:
Bold as Brass

Gibson Thunderbird
Fender Precision

Credited for 1 song
No. of gigs with Bodine (documented): 74

Armand van der Hoff was one of the four founding members of Bodine. According to Oor Magazine, he was the third member to join the band.

Little is known about his musical influences. The first Bodine album seems rooted in Bad Company's blues rock and at times, Armand's bass sounds like Steve Priest from The Sweet, but that doesn't necessarily make them an influence. The press had little eye for such details in those days.

Armand left Bodine because he could not combine his personal conviction with the course Bodine's lyrics were taking on Bold As Brass. Mainly Arjen Lucassen was responsible for introducing darker topics into the lyrics, to appeal to a wider metal audience. Being a Christian, performing songs about devils, demons and burning witches at the stake may arguably have been too much for him to bring forth on stage.

Armand's last performance with Bodine was on Queen's Day, 30 April 1983 at the Earthquake Festival in Borne, NL.After Bodine, Armand retreated from the music business entirely. He is now a minister of the Christus Centraal Zwolle Community.

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