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This section contains information about the music released by Bodine and record companies, including a sortable songlist, a poll, and--for the first time on the internet--all Bodine lyrics.

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Dropping names

Bodine was assisted by the following persons during the recording sessions:

Okkie Huysdens - producer of debut album Bodine
Rens Benerink - artist of the Bodine logo on the first album

Alfred Lagarde - Producer and engineer on Bold As Brass
John Smit - Producer and engineer on Bold As Brass
Julian Mills - mastered the Bold as Brass recordings at the Strawberry studios in London
Bert, Tilly, Han, Coos, Metal Mike and Canonball Bill were thanked for their support
Kees Baars received a special thanks, as well as Hanneke Kappen. Both of them hosted radio shows and payed attention to Bodine on several occasions
Govert de Roos was responsible for the band photo on the front side of the sleeve. In those days, he also made a career as a photographer for the Dutch Playboy Magazine.

John Smit was mentioned as co-producer and engineer on Three Times Running
H.M.Demon, Ferry Bovet, Long Tall Jape, Jeronimo and Uncle Mick were thanked "for restoring our bodies and souls" on Three Times Running
Ed Bos was mentioned as manager on Three Times Running
The cover design on Three Times Running was attributed to Buzzin' Bruno and the photo on the rear (once more) Govert de Roos.

The reason they are listed here is to pay tribute to those persons who tried to make Bodine successful. For most of them, this was probably the first involvement with a metal band at such close range. It was s small circle of people--incomparable in size to the endless lists of persons mentioned on albums nowadays.

Podia was a company located in Bussum, t' Gooi, and rented out stage facilities to bands throughout the Netherlands. It was run by the Smeehuijzen brothers. Bodine used their gear on many occasions. Axel Langemeijer used to work for Podia, and it got him in touch with the band.

In 1996, the following persons were thanked for their contribution to the release of Bodine CD on Pseudonym Records:
Digitally Re-Mastering: Peter van 't Riet at DIGIPRO
Compilation & Coordination: Hans van Vuuren
Lay-out and Lithography: MultiPress, The Hague
Photo Supply: Aardschok, Ferry Bovet & Jay van Feggelen
Further thanks to Robert Haagsma, Arjen "AYREON" Lucassen, Michel van de Moosdijk, Ferry Bovet, Bert van Rheenen (a.k.a. Chiel Montagne) & Metal Mike van Rijswijk.

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