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Rheno XerosRheno Xeros © Govert de Roos

Actual name: Rene Rijsdijk
In the band from 1978 – 1984

Performed on:
Bold as Brass
Three Times Running

Gibson Firebird
Yamaha" S.G.700
Morley Wah-Wah Pedal

Credited for 16 songs
No. of gigs with Bodine (documented): 114

Rheno was co-founding member of Bodine. Together with Gerard Haitsma he was a constant musician on all officially released albums. Rheno is a gifted guitarist with a truly unique style. Wherever Rene Rijsdijk got his artist name is a question yet to be unravelled. Perhaps there is a link with Bodine’s record label Rhinoceros...

Rheno is a guitarist with blues and Jimi Hendrix roots. It would be interesting to learn what other guitar players influenced him. Mainly on the first two albums, he plays in a somewhat groovy style, Regular Rocker being the best example of this. Rheno was an avid user of wah-wah, an effect that Mick Box of Uriah Heep used on most songs. That's were the comparison ends. Jeff beck would be another possible source of inspiration, as well as probably Rory Gallagher or John Mayall and some of the guitar players from the southern United States, such as Muddy Waters or John Lee Hooker.

Rheno could make his guitar weep, whisper, moan and growl in one solo. The solo part on 'New York City Streets' is a sparkling display of Rheno's talent. On many songs, Xeros does not play rhythm guitar but continues playing solos while Jay or Axel sing their lyrics. ‘Battlefield’ on Three Times Running and ‘Wild Fire Queen’ on ‘Bold As Brass’ are neat examples demonstrating this. In those days, this was quite a unique feature in metal, though it went unnoticed by many...

1984 Rheno XerosRheno playing live at a gig in 1983 or 1984 (courtesy MaxPower)Both Rheno and Arjen are credited for composing 16 songs in various combinations with other band members. Rheno’s sound is fuzzier than the sound of Lucassen, who plays in a more crisp and sharp style. When you put on a Bodine record, you will hear Rheno in the left speaker.

On stage, Rheno was mostly visible in statue mode. He did not jump around, bang his head or pose in front of the audience. All he moved were his hands and fingers, playing the guitar. These are traits that seem to fit an introverted personality. As Bodine's stage career moved along, Rheno appeared more often with sun glasses on stage and on photos. When he started using white make up and black lipstick to paint his face, his emotions became even harder to guess. It appeared as he was building a wall between himself and the audience.

It is probable that the change of topics in the lyrics on Bold As Brass and Three Times Running, mainly written by Arjen Lucassen, made Rheno feel less comfortable being in Bodine. He may have cherished beliefs for a while that could not be combined with the things expressed in Bodine lyrics. Thus, his departure from Bodine may have been on the way for a while.  According to Arjen Lucassen, in an interview with Headache magazine, Rheno converted to christianity and adhered to very strict principles regarding life style and ways of expressing himself. Playing music in Bodine did not fit in this belief.

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