These are the 80s. We used to call them videos, not clips. Clips are for holding sheets of paper together. We never called them 'virals' either. Viral infections make you ill. Point made?
On this page you'll find some rare footage of Bodine that surfaced on youtube during the last couple of years. There's no clue where this was stored for such a long time! Who knows what is still hidden in attics and cellars whithout us even knowing!

First is Bodine in the MK-I line up playing "Shooting Dice" and an early version of "Rock Doctor" with different lyrics at 'Beukpop' Biervliet, The Netherlands, 29 August 1981.

Bodine (MK-III) playing an abridged version of "Shout" in Vara's tv-show "Je Ziet Maar!" Why did they leave the solos out?!

Bodine (MK-III) playing at Pentastoma, Roden, The Netherlands, January 13, 1984. Axel's fanfare coat, "a relic from my grandfather", is entangled with his mike chord. It doesn't stop Axel from entertaining the audience and introducing "Pumpin' Iron". He was a real multi-tasker.

Another piece of video from the Pentastoma concert, Bodine playing "Rock Machine". Its quality is even better than the previous one.

For the first time on the internet, here on regularrocker, a clip from the 1992 sessions!!


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