According to user lemmy4taoiseach on Youtube the track "Below The Belt" was used as a title tune to The Tom Hayes Radio Show in Dublin in the late 80's.

Bodine had a fan club in The Hague, in the Denekampstraat. The address was listed on the "Regular Rocker" single and on the albums "Bold As Brass" and "Three Times Running". The fan club was run by Marcel Rijsdijk, brother of Rheno Xeros and by Han Hijzelendoorn. Read all about it here!

Music Might suggests that Bold as Brass was recorded in nuclear fall out shelter. This is nonsense. The album sleeves mention the Dutch Music Centre in Baarn, NL as recording location. For a while, Bodine rehearsed in a basement in Scheveningen, which may have resembled to a shelter. In a radio interview, Jay van Feggelen referred to it as a rat hole.

Axel Langemeijer passed away on 19 March 2003. Sad enough, he is not the only person who performed on a Bodine album and passed away too early. Alfred "Big Bad Al" Lagarde, who also produced the second album, died on 1 January 1998.

Even though they were recorded in a period of only three years, none of the three Bodine albums were recorded with the same line-up. Gerard Haitsma and Rheno Xeros were the constant musicians on each album.

On 7 April 1984, at the Earthquake Festival, Vengeance performed live before Bodine. It was Arjen Lucassen’s farewell gig for Bodine. He was about to join... Vengeance.

Linda Hennrick transcribed the lyrics on the Japanese issue of Three Times Running. Not everyone seemed pleased with the output of her work. Indeed, some phrases on the lyrics sheet were left open or were misspelled.

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