It is not every day that the online marketplace provides us with happy surprises. If you are a Bodine fan, you will have to do with 3-4 rare finds per year. But when they come, oh, how rewarding they can be! Take for instance the poster of the Over De Brug concert in Gouda that Martin found on marktplaats. Is'nt she a beauty? I mean: Just look at those signatures!

1984 06 12 Over De Brug Poster Bodine smallAccording to PHILTY11 from Xerpentor, video recordings were made during this concert. They still haven't surfaced. Anyone with clues leading to the tape will be greatly rewarded! Hugs and kisses, too!

Martin has scanned the poster for all of us, in particular for those who want to print a copy of it for decorative reasons. You may download the poster at this link! (17mb!)

Need a bigger one? Click here! (147mb!)

The original size is A0 (840 x 1188 mm).

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