Anthology CD-Box review

Glowing gem with some missed opportunities

27-02-2020 Many Bodine-fans will have noticed the release of the CD-box Anthology by Pseudonym records in November 2019, including the three original Bodine albums and an extra disc with demos and studio-outtakes. Several months have passed to digest this release. For those of you who have time to read in the middle of the corona pandemic, here’s a review.
Prefer to jump to conclusions? Go ahead!

Hard Times in Helden

2019-05-03: Helden, in Limburg province, is by far the town where Bodine performed most: Once in the Mk-I line-up, three times as Mk-II and once more as Mk-III. Hence, it is interesting that now a concert review of one of these gigs has surfaced, from Sucks Magazine no less, thanks to the unequaled Martin! This is from the gig that took place on 11 August 1982.

Musical Revelations

5 December 2017: Hello to all of you, and welcome back to the Bodine Tribute Site - as far as I know, still the only one on the web. By Regular Rocker standards, I've been out of touch for a while, and I'll try to make it up to you.

In 2017 we have been celebrating Jay van Feggelen's re-appearance on stage and for those of you who haven't seen him yet: make sure you get a ticket to the show of United Voices of Rock in Leeuwarden on 16 December!

Jay van Feggelen back on stage with Bodine songs

last opportunity to see Jay van Feggelen perform Bodine songs in 2017!

27 November 2017 As many of you may know, Jay van Feggelen has been performing live with a fine company of musicians called the United Voices Of Rock. This band of musical brothers is reliving the times of the NWODHM (you can probably guess what that stands for!) by playing live songs of Vengeance, Highway Chile, Bodine and some own compositions.

For those of you who have been paying attention to the designated Facebook pages this is old news. For those who have desperately been waiting for an update about it on RR (admit it: who hasn't?): United Voices OF rock is going to perform Bodine songs LIVE on stage, probably for the last time on 16 December 2017!

Order your tickets here. Need a preview?

Not me! I'm going!

Sensation of the year

19-12-2015: The end of the year is near, so we're safe to say that the biggest sensation for true Bodinists must be the discovery of this festival bill on eBay. This one was discovered by Shockpower. It cost a few bucks, but it is worth it.

This poster is the epitome of Bodine's career, in my view. It reflects the perspectives and the failures of the band in one single image. It shows the band's potential, their expectations... and the disppointment in one striking view. One can only wonder what might have happened if the gig had actually taken place. It never did.

Late festival poster

18-12-2015: Rien van Nieuwenhuizen, who ranks as one of the earliest discoverers of Bodine, hinted Regular Rocker to a festival poster circulating on Facebook. The poster can be traced back to the 1984-05-27 Scarborough Fair festival and is unique for the fact that it announced one of the concerts agfter Arjen Lucassen's departure. Probably, they played as a four-man band, with Rheno filling in all the guitar parts (if this wasn't the gig that Henry van Maanen played). After this date, Bodine Mk-III(a) would only perform four more times.