Mk-III Autograph card

18-12-2015: Marcel Ebbelaar attended a Bodine gig on 30 March 1984 at 't Krogt in Bussum. On that day, he had Bodine put their autographs on the back of a flyer.

Can anyone guess why this is a unique document?

Right... Arjen Lucassen was about to leave the band and there were only two gigs left for him with Bodine. Fat chance this is the last autograph card including all band members. Marcel, you've got gold in your hands!

Another new old gig date saved from oblivion

02 October 2015: Martin 'Stunning' Stassen has a radar for obscure gig dates. A few months ago, he shared an article from a local daily called the Goudsche Courant. It announces a festival called Rock Against Fascism that took place in Over De Brug in Gouda, on 5 May 1980 (Liberation Day for the Dutch). It's a rare date, because it was listed before the debut album was released.

Cryptic Mk-IV set list

19 February 2015: Look what social media dragged in! Another unique relic from Bodine's Mk-IV heydays (which didn't last too long), delivered to Regular Rocker by no one other than Jeronimo!

Yes, dear Bodinists, being connected via social media may have some benefits after all! Apart from a lot of distraction, every once in a while, some serious historic stuff is being shared with us. This time it's a set list from a gig by Bodine in 1992 or 1993. To make it even more interesting, the list is ENCRYPTED

Another new old gig date from 1983

3 February 2015: Martin 'Stunning' Stassen never ceases to surprise Bodine followers with freshly unearthed scoops. This one's still mouldy from the soil it was buried in: Bodine performed live on Friday 18 February 1983 at 't Bolwerk in Sneek, Friesland. Metal fanmagazine Loudness reported on the gig that Bodine held for about 100 metal fans (English version here, international Bodinist!). Since no other announcements on this gig were found in any other magazines, we must assume that the gig was a last-minute arrangement.

New live recording unearthed

Facebook contact leads to another sensational discovery

9 July 2014: Egbert Berenst is a busy metal head who organises the Taken By Force Metalfest. This year's edition will take place on 4 October (check out the bill on the right). He contacted Regular Rocker with an interesting mail through facebook: "I have converted three songs from tape to mp3. They're from the Heipop Festival in Bussum. I know two titles, but I don't recognise the third one. Where can I send them to?"

Back with a bang!

3 May, 2014: It's been a while since the previous update, and SORRY to keep you all waiting so long, but Regular Rocker is back with a MAJOR SCOOP! It turns out that 'Rock Machine' was covered way back when, by a US metal band called Sorcerer!!! Check out the kick-ass demo here!