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Bodine tribute site - Musical revelations MK-IV

2011 Bodine_IV_demo_front-LBodine Mk-IV studio recordings

These tracks were recorded in 1992, involving Gerard Haitsma on drums, Jeronimo on bass, Jay van Feggelen on vocal chords, Oscar Holleman and Erik van der Ven on guitars. Two songs have been made public on regularrocker before. Allegedly, all of the songs have been played at times on Baars Classic Rock since a couple of years, but I am not sure of that.




 1. Mephistopheles

2. Give It To me

3. One Happy S.O.B.

4. Leave I must

5. The Promise of Love

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I am not trying to take any sort of financial advantage for sharing these sound files here. All I want to do is to share and protect Bodine's legacy for the future, for as long a I can.

A big thank you to Paul Evers from Hardland for making these recordings available in webformat and for designing the cover sleeve.

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